Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miercoles 8 Julio 2009

We just got the internet set up in the Mission House where I’m staying (before it was just available in the other house where Marco stays and keeps his office.) So, there will be more posts following shortly. A little update for now: Yesterday I saw a C-Section, then played indoor soccer (our team won not just the honor but also the winnings of 7 quetzales/person which paid for Gatorade after the game. Each person paid 15 quetzales to play), the water isn't working so I haven’t taken a shower since yesterday morning and could use a good one with yesterday’s activities and the heat, and I’ve gotten a little stomach bug. (I’d been meaning to post that the last bout of upset stomach passed within a day or two, I think it was just the introduction to Guatemalan germs. However, this new bout isn’t so bad…) Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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  1. um, little brother, you do know that people other than your mother read this, right? sorry to hear about your "stomach bug," but i'll be more sorry if you keep updating us on your daily viajes al bano. :P