Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miercoles 8 Julio 2009

Well, I’m all up to date in posts now and with the internet in the house things should be a little bit more consistent. After surfing the web a little bit, I see I’ve missed a little bit (but nothing that really matters) in being disconnected from the rest of the world: Michael Jackson’s funeral, cyber attack on the White House, ethnic fighting in China, healthcare reform progress and the update from Afghanistan.

I think I might miss being disconnected from the Internet most of the time, only connecting sporadically to check my email and post a blog at the end of a long day. Oh well.

I’ve also added some pictures from the Berea marching band (they’re a group of middle school students) who were practicing right across the street just this past weekend. You can find a video of them at, Barillas’s blog/website.

Also, tomorrow, I hope to go out with a health team to one of the nearby villages in a more intimate approach to healthcare in the homes of those who need it. This is more of the community health worker approach. I’m sure it will be an interesting experience! I met with Claudia, who lives and works in Barillas, and Elise, who is from Redmond and is staying down here for a few weeks after a trip with her church (she will be a freshman in the fall at Seattle Pacific University). You can find more information about their work at I have to do the same myself!

Last bit of fun information. This past weekend while visiting and meeting Elise and Claudia I also met Chris McCormack of Snohomish. He’s been living in Barillas for the past 3 years and his parents live up on Lord’s Hill-for all you Snoho people. Isn’t it a small world?

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